Site Autárquico São Brás de Alportel

Historical note

This used to be a popular procession in the whole Algarve. At that time, members of the brotherhoods had to carry a lighted torch or a lantern, and wear a surplice.

Later, a shortage of wax led to the appearance of sticks that were painted and decorated with flowers, and which had a small candle on top. Later still, as the brotherhoods disappeared, the decorated sticks, lanterns and candles remained, as did the canopy and the surplices, which to this day are worn by the men who carry the canopy.

Throughout the procession, hymns, responses and the Alleluia have always been sung, in honour of the Resurrection of the Lord. In bygone days there would be one or two choirs and the people would respond, but as time passed and the numbers of clergy and singers dwindled, the people took over singing the song.

Bibliography: In Viladentro, FEBRUARY/MARCH 2008 edition